2 Girls 1 Cup

2 Girls 1 Cup is a shock video. It was a 1-minute trailer created for the 2007 Brazilian pornographic scat film Hungry Bitches, produced by MFX Media. It features two lesbian women, Karla and Latifa kissing each other, followed by scenes of them defecating into a cup, eating their feces from the cup and vomiting into each other's mouths.

The song Lover's Theme by Hervé Roy plays through the video (originally it was the Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up) The video grew very popular and people started making parodies and reaction videos of it. There are variants of the site that used a script which tried to prevent the user from closing the site by displaying an infinite amount of alert boxes when clicking the close button.

Cast & Crew

  • Actors: Karla & Latifa
  • Cameraman: Kemil Kretli
  • Director: Thiago Fagundes
  • Editor: Smith David
  • Producer: MFX Media, Marco Antônio Fiorito (as Marco Villanova)


2 Girls 1 Cup

NOTE: The following websites contain pornographic images.

  • • Version with the malicious script.

Hungry Bitches movie (full version)

NOTE: The following movie contains pornographic images.