Aladdin subliminal message is a screamer video by sclock2. It is almost identical to a legitimate video uploaded by Eve McInerney in late 2006, thus tricking some viewers who have already watched the original video into watching (or even sharing) the screamer video by accident when they tried to look it up again. Even the titles of both videos are identical, except for the capitalization of the first word.

Nowadays, the screamer version is unlikely to show up next to the real video in searches thanks to its low ratings, but quite a few viewers were tricked back in the day.

The video is about an alleged subliminal message during the balcony scene in Disney's Aladdin, where Aladdin supposedly says “Good teenagers, take off your clothes!” (he actually says: “Good kitty, just... take off and go!”). In the beginning, the scene and its message are described with some typical Windows Movie Maker text slides that were common in the early days of YouTube, then a clip of the scene is shown. After this, the original video showed another text saying “If you didnt no that aren't you suprised you didnt notice it before?” (sic) and then played the last part of the clip a second time. The text in the screamer video, on the other hand, says “Did you hear that?? Listen to it again and in case you didn't turn your volume up higher.” The clip that follows is then interrupted by a picture of an angry, screaming face with sharp teeth, surrounded by flames, with a loud scream in the background that is delayed by almost a full second.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.

  • (screamer version)
  • (original video without the screamer)

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