An ordinary battle amongst familiar hills by hazard the porgoyle-d6qicjk-1-

Sonic Is Fighting With Eggman.

An Ordinary Battle Among Familtar Hills is a flash movie made by Hazard-The-Porgoyle in Deviant Art in 2013 (Or 2014).

It shows a picture of Sonic fighing with Eggman in Green Hill Zone. When you click a screen, it cause it would play. After couple of seconds has passed, static appears many times, and the static fades And close-Up hand and evil laugh and touch the screen and the hand dissappears in to Screen. After the static is done, it shows Sonic.EXE And  Eggman.EXE are staring at the audience and dead Sonic can be seen. And shows words like "HELLO" FOUND YOU" "YOU'RE IN MY WORLD NOW" "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE COME HERE" "YOU CAN'T RUN" "YOU'RE TO SLOW" "I SEE YOU" "SO MANY SOULS TO PLAY WITH" "SO LITTLE TIME" "WOULD YOU AGREE?" "WON'T BE LONG NOW" appears. After The HILL Song is finished, Drowing Theme starts playing slowly and the whole screen started to shake expect Sonic.EXE and Eggman.EXE. The whole screen twisted, and it stops and the screen glass cracks and breaks and shows a static screen in background, and the word I AM GOD appears. Seconds later, Sonic.EXE pops up with a scream and more static appears several times again and some words appears again and cuts to black, and the word saids, "Hey I'll Play Worth You Some Other Time" and fades back to normal background.


NOTE: The following flash contains a screamer.


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