Screenshot 12

The footage that plays after the screamer.

Baikinman's Heartbeat (Turn up the volume, please!) is a screamer video published on Veoh and later on YouTube by GenerationStar (known in this wiki as CrysRocksXY, in YouTube as GenerationStar and in Veoh as GenerationForce). It shows a clip from an episode of the the well known Japanese cartoon Soreike! Anpanman, "Anpanman and Dokinchan", where Baikinman, the main antagonist of the show, sleeps before his heart beats. The audio is very low volume, encouraging viewers to turn their volume up. After Baikinman jumps out to see what's coming at 0:11, a picture of Giygas from the video game Earthbound appears with a loud scream. Then, it cuts to footage from the Japan-only video game TwinBee RPG with white text reading "HAHAHA! Gotcha this time! Made in part by GenerationForce.", accompanied by Whenever Love by Ken Laszlo.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.

  • (YouTube version)

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