Blue Waffle

Blue Waffle is a shock image site. Victims are told to search for an image of a blue waffle on Google’s Image Search, only to be surprised by a close-up shot of what appears to be a diseased woman's vagina.

Blue Waffle


The picture was first seen on the shock website Documenting Reality.

The Blue Waffle shock site was uploaded in 2008, and consisted of just a picture of what appears to be a diseased vagina, with a small description. Eventually, this was used as a form of bait and switch, baiting people into searching it on Google Images. These mainly came in the form of images, showing a literal blue waffle, followed by the caption Bet you can’t find me on Google Images!


There is no known disease named Blue Waffle. All storys about Blue Waffle being an STD are wrong. The pictures show a yeast infection stained with an antibacterial triarylmethane dye known as crystal violet.

Trenton, New Jersey, councilwoman Kathy McBride fell victim to the hoax during a 2013 City Council meeting believing the disease was real.


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