Caroline.swf is a humorous flash presentation with a screamer at the end. The presentation itself consists of a number of simple black slides with white text, introducing the viewer to Caroline, a 17-year-old female who has lived on a farm all her life and now wants to “get to know the pleasures of life”.

The presentation soon takes an erotic turn, when Caroline remarks that people say she has beautiful large lips and that all the men who see her want to touch her. She then directly addresses the viewer and describes passionately kissing them. If the viewer tries to continue on the last slide, where Caroline apologizes for “interrupting this moment of passion”, a photo of a cow with its mouth wide open and its tongue sticking out as if it was licking the screen appears with two loud, very human sounding moos, while the words “Kiss me!” briefly pop up in the middle. This reveals, in a humorous twist, that Caroline was a cow all along, making her previous remarks sound a lot more innocent.


The photo at the end of the screamer is also the subject of a dedicated website called According to the website's copyright info, the picture was taken by Ryan Stephenson at The Farm, a tourist attraction in Doors County, Wisconsin.


NOTE: The following link contains a screamer.


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