Chris the Jack-o-Lantern

Chris the Jack-o-Lantern is a screamer animation made by Erik "TastyBabySoup" Germ on the website Albino Blacksheep. It is a poorly animated Halloween Flash cartoon featuring a sad Jack-o-Lantern. At the beginning, there is a view of the Moon with a Start button. When clicking, Chris the Jack-o-Lantern appears.

He says: "Hi kids, my name is Chris. You guys know what Sunday is? Yeah, that's right, Sunday is Halloween, and that makes me upset. You know why it makes me upset?"

He pauses for a few seconds, then he says: "Yeah, because Sunday is the day that…"

Then, a picture of a smiling ghost face appears, along with an extremely loud female scream from Mortal Kombat. Chris' comments date this prank to 2004, as Halloween fell on a Sunday that year.



NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer.


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