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Chris the Jack-o-Lantern 2

Chris the Jack-o-Lantern 2 is an animation made by TastyBabySoup on the website Albino Blacksheep. When the flash starts, Chris says he's happy to see the viewer again and it's Halloween again, he then says he's sorry for the ghost scaring the viewer in the first episode. After this, Chris starts dancing to Halloween music

At the end of the animation, there is a menu where the viewer can select to either to go back to Albino Blacksheep's main site, replay the video, or go to the creator's website. However, moving the mouse over any of them brings up a picture with the same scream used in the first Chris the Jack-o-Lantern. Moving the mouse over Back to ABS makes the ghost used in the first episode pop up, while moving it over Replay makes a greyscale hooded cloaked man pop up, and moving it over Website makes a picture of the creator pop up. None of the buttons actually lead to these destinations.


NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer.


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