Cuffi Adverts

The Cuffi Adverts are a series of screamer videos that claim to be inspired by the K-fee commercials. They were released in November 2006 by YouTube user VenerableDread, maker of such screamers like Saddam Hussein Execution. Each video ends with a parody of K-fee's slogan, along with the Internet's ending variation: "Now go change your pants."


Cuffi Sunset.

Sunset (Advert 1)

A view of the sunset is shown from the side of the road is displayed for 9 seconds. After this, what looks like an inverted cartoon robot appears with a guy screaming "BOOOO!" (happens to be the same sound from What's Wrong?).


Cuffi Motorway.

Motorway (Advert 2)

A view of a motorway with a bunch of cars driving around is shown. Again, at 9 seconds, a screamer appears, this time a green-scaled image of a deformed face with the same scream as before.


NOTE: The following videos contain screamers.

  • Sunset.
  • • Cuffi Motorway.

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