Erschreck dich nicht - Gruseliges Geister Video is a screamer video uploaded by CrazyMarc666 on April 19th 2014. The video translates into "Do not Worry - Creepy Ghost Video!"

Video Description

Do not be frightened, at this creepy ghost video.  If you like horrible videos, you can not miss this frightened video. This shock to the frightening is nothing for the weak nerves. To frighten just right. 
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What the bathroom in the video looks like.


The video is a nightvision video taken from inside someones bathroom, the camera is facing towards the door. At the 17 mark, a ghost butler is seen walking to the door, as it swings open, the ghost butler walks through the doorway, which is when a girl with bloodshot eyes, pale skin, and fangs run to the camera and yells loudly, the scream is taken from the What's Wrong? screamer. There is another version of this that was made in 2016 with a different scream, and the face is distorted and warped.


Note: The following video contains a Screamer

  • (Alternate version)

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