This page is about a website which no longer exists. is a Russian website that has at least 15 screamers and you can select the screamer that you want to see.

Now after an update on the website, if you select a screamer it shows a dialog box saying "How close?" in 4 different languages (Russian, English, Arabic and Portuguese), and when you try to close it, it will continue to appear because the page automatically refreshes until you close your Web browser or disable any dialog boxes in the site. The script only works on Internet Explorer.

Screamer List

WARNING: All screamers in this website contain flashing lights.

  • A man with glasses. Probably the creator of the site - "ШОК! Голый ДЖОКСИТ МЭН!"
  • Stills from The Return of the Living Dead - "Бесплатные ключи Steam!"
  • Jeff the Killer - "sexy-girls" (mirror link of
  • Amy - "mov0001"
  • - "Play?!"
  • Весёлые частушки (часть 1) - "БРАТИШКА! Я ТЕБЕ ПОКУШАТЬ ПРИНЕС!"
  • The same screamer used in What's Wrong? - "HOW ARE YOU?"
  • Workbench (A Russian youtuber) - "СКРИМЕР ШОУ!"
  • A crying child - "777FESTER777"
  • Regan MacNeil - "GMAM?! YES!"
  • Slender Man - "GAME OVER!"
  • Horrifying House-guest(A.K.A Shadowlurker) - "Are you awake?"
  • A demon child from Dead Birds - "I am a bird..."
  • - "SMILE!1! dog"
  • Ghostface - "CALL... ANSWER..."
  • A Minecraft character (Maybe a YouTuber) - "Workbench"

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