Frau 1



frau1.exe (Frau being German for woman) is an executable shock program from late 1999, created by Easy Reader. This program shows a picture of a young blonde woman who appears to be stripping, which is covered by ten numbered boxes, almost making the program look like a simple advent calendar of sorts. By clicking the boxes, the user can reveal more parts of the background picture, until only the tenth box remains, which is covering the woman's cleavage.

Once the user clicks the tenth box, a picture of a nude elder woman holding her breasts appears along with a sound clip from the 1952 Looney Tunes film Gift Wrapped, where Granny (from Sylvester and Tweety) says: "Ah ha! You didn't count on Pocahontas, did you, Geronimo?".

Then the credits appear below the picture, while the 'Easy Reader' song from the 1970's educational show The Electric Company plays in the background, as a reference to the author's pseudonym.





NOTE: The following download link contains a screamer application.