Funnel Chair

Funnel Chair is a shock video hosted on various sites. The video starts with a man lying down on the floor wearing a mask attached to a chair with a tube and funnel. A woman then enters and uses the chair as a toilet. The man then consumes the feces expelled by the woman.

According to a sample found on the Virus Exchange Website "VirusShare" there were websites that host this video but also contain a script which will make the website move around at the screen fastly and display alot/infinite of messages when the user tries to exit the site making it impossible to close it unless you use task manager. However, they are now closed. Another version shows a different women.


NOTE: The following shock sites contain graphic images.

  • • Version without any viruses or malicious scripts.
  • • Other version that contains the same guy with a different women, sitting on a man, expelling diarrhea on a man's mouth.

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