This page is about a screamer which is blocked in other countries.


Geoguy.avi is a screamer video which was uploaded by Gabriel Garcia [MYCUN]. The video starts out with a video of Geo Guy standing in a field, stares at the viewer with some awkward music playing.

After time has passed, it turns into static for 10 seconds and cuts back into Geo Guy again, the static returns for 2 seconds after that, it shows Geo Guy with black eyes and red pupils with blood dripping out of his eyes. After time has passed again, it plays the static noise and gets all deformed. Then it goes back to Geo Guy. After a while, The static noise plays again and gets all wavy. The same thing, with a yellow tint happens later, A shot from Squidward's Suicide pops up with a static. Then there is a hole forming around Geo Guy and purple colors were everywhere, until a scream sounded in the darkness, and laughing. Later, red eyes appears and zooms in, static shows up after that.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.


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