Ghost - Real Ghosts Caught On Video is a screamer video uploaded by JAY KARL on March 15th 2010, and has gotten 1.6 million views as of 2017

Video Description

I was in the basement doing laundry when I heard some strange growling and then saw a flash run accross the room. I quickly ran upstaris to get my camera. After reviewing this footage I saw two images which appear to be a ghost.


The video starts with a guy going down to his basement, claiming to seen some weird things going on while he was doing laundry, he films around his basement for a good two minutes, checking to see if anyone is in the basement, at the 1:42 mark, suspencful music starts playing, until the 1:54 mark, when a cat comes out from behind a wall. The camera man gets down to get a better view of the cat, and starts calling it, and at the 2:02 mark, the cat lunges at the screen, his eyes glow red, and he screeches loudly.


Warning: This video contains a Screamer


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