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The grassy field

Giant Halloween Spider Prank is a screamer video uploaded by JAY KARL on May 20th 2010.

Video Description

I was at the apple orchard last year picking apples when I thought it would be cool to get a shot of the horse and carriage. To my surprise I a giant spider got into the shot and ruined the moment.


The video starts off with a view of a grassy field with some apple trees around. At around the 14 second mark, a horse and carriage comes into frame and starts running to the camera However, at the 35 second mark, when the horse and carriage passes the camera, a giant spider jumps at the screen with a loud scream, hitting the screen, and splattering blood on it, as it slowly slides down. Then text shows up that says "They're all laughing at you", and the screen fades to black, with one more line of text reading "Share this & SCARE your friends"


Warning: This video contains a Screamer


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