Horrible/Funny Subliminal Message is a video made by JRTerrierLover in 2008.

The video starts with a scene from Shrek 2 where Donkey says "Hey C'mon, Shrek! We don't wanna hit traffic!" then it shows a text saying "I was watching Shrek 2 one day, and I found this rather shocking subliminal message. I was a little taken aback" then it says "It's not often you hear something like this in a kid's film. it's quite disgusting, really". It shows shrek taken to a palace while Donkey starts singing. Then it shows a text saying "What did Donkey just say??" Then it shows the scene again with Donkey singing. It shows a text saying "I'll slow it down for you... You won't be able to believe it when you hear it!" then it shows the scene yet again but slowed down, then in 0:48 it shows a monster in a suit while Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed plays in the background. It shows a text saying "Haha! Now go and change your pants." while the song still plays before the video ends. 


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.


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