Horror games are games that are designed to be scary and have sounds and screamers put into games there are a lot of games created.


On some instances, Roblox has pop ups, which are screamers in disguise, When hitting a popup it will display a scary picture. In rare cases these popups may freeze up your computer, which was a rumor in


in 2011, youtubers has posted their gameplay videos featuring youtubers playing the games and getting scared. These games received massive spread in 2016.


Gamejolt and other game websites have game ratings on how their parents should decide on how they should let their audiences play. TV, Movies and Games have different ratings to convenience their parents to watch or play.

The following is listed below



TV-Y, for young audiences

TV-Y7 is similar to TV-Y but it has fantasy violence and some rude words.

TV-G contains mild or no blood and sexual situations

TV-PG contains moderate amounts of language, sexual activity, suggestive dialog or violence.

TV-14 contains intense amounts of strong language, intense sexual activity, intense suggestive dialog or intense violence.

TV-MA is aimed for mature audiences 17 and up. May contain explicit sexual activity, strong crude language, extreme suggestive dialog (rarely used) and blood and gore.


G. A G rated movie contains nothing inappropriate that their children should view. Violence is minimal and language is polite. any age may watch

PG. A PG rated movie contains some brief nudity, violence and some language. and there is no drug use. for viewers aged 10

PG-13. A PG-13 rated movie contains more brief nudity, action, some drug use, language and sensuality. for viewers aged 13.


R. an R rated movie contains some adult material and children may not view it unless with an adult parent or guardian it includes intense violence, blood and gore, sexuality, nudity, strong language, and drug use.

NC-17 an NC-17 rated movie is only for viewers aged 18 and up. may contain more intense violence, extreme blood and gore, extreme sexuality, bizarre language and hard drug use.


EC. Aimed at young children 3-6.

E. May contain minimal blood and mild language for ages 6 and up

E10+ may contain more violence, language and mild suggestive themes. for ages 10 and up

T. may contain minimal blood, crude humor, suggestive themes, simulated gambling and or infrequent use of strong language. for viewers aged 13 and up.

M. Content suitable for ages 17 and up. may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and or strong language.

AO. Content suitable for adults aged 18 and up. may contain prolonged scenes of intense violence, graphic sexual content and or nudity.


NR. an NR rated movie contains a rating that they are voting for.

RP. and RP rated game is only for games in a store that they are sold.

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