How to relax your eyes?

This is a screamer video made in 2008 by VideosOfHeaven, the same person that made the video "Nature In The Netherlands".

This video starts with text telling you to "Think about your greatest wish." (there's also subtitles of the same words but in Dutch) It then shows a white screen with unreadable text, then it shows a black dot with text popping up saying "Think that dot is your everything" "That dot is your wish" "Stare at it and think about your greatest wish". After 20 seconds pass of staring at the dot, it shows some other text saying "Look around in your room and stare again." After other 20 seconds pass the dot randomly fades away and a zooming picture of Amy pops up with a loud roar. Then the video ends.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.


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