I Saw A Dead Body.

I Saw A Dead Body

I Saw A Dead Body is a screamer video uploaded on October 12th, 2008 by YouTube user Tinletta. The video starts up night vision footage of a door in the kitchen of a house (most likely inhabited by the user). Text then appears stating to pause if necessary. After that goes away, it mentions that during October 2008, weird noises were detected in that kitchen.

Then, the pantry door (door displayed in footage) would stay ajar. This continued for three more days. The footage starts up again, immediately telling you to turn up the volume to hear the weird noises. More text then appears, asking you if you've seen something, where it then cuts to a facecloth falling off the counter. The pantry door then slowly opens afterwards, and after a prolonged time will close again.

After, text says that there's an outline of something on the door knob. The video zooms in to the doorknob for a few seconds, and after that Regan MacNeil pops up with the scream from the K-fee commercials. The video then ends with an apology.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.


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