If this doesn't make you jump, nothing will

If this doesn't make you jump, nothing will is a video uploaded in 2008. It has accumulated over 7 million views as of August 2015.

If this doesn't make you jump, nothing will

The snake.

It starts off by showing a snake, with an annotation saying The largest dead snake ever found. The camera is moving to show the whole snakes' length. But then, the snake wakes up, and in a very fast motion, hits the camera. There is then a loud "BOO!" noise with laughing. Then, it cuts to a black background with red text scrolling up the screen reading:


There is also another variant where after the snake hits the camera, there is a woman screaming.

This video was edited from another YouTube video, where there was no scream.

NOTE: The following videos contain screamers.

  • - original version (no scream)
  • - version with scream
  • - version with woman scream

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