Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is a game made by Splapp-me-do, the creator behind The Impossible Quiz series. This game became popular around 2013, yet the game was made more than 5 years ago. Basically, you have to answer more than 60 strange questions that make no sense at all, most of them have references to memes or something like that. Splapp-me-do lives in Hull, England and likes to draw some random characters. His animations are also referenced in the quizzes. His catchphrase is Arts, farts, and occasionally tarts.

Impossible Quiz 3

Impossible Quiz 3

Charcoal125's screamer game.

This screamer is a short game made by Charcoal125. After you press play, it will countdown to 3 and a question that you can barely read will appear. And after the short time passes, a flashing screamer of a Dracula will appear with a message saying "YOU SUCK ASS". This screamer was made in 2007. Now he put a warning saying that the game was a screamer and even the thumbnail is the screamer. In the info, there is a link to Meatspin saying "porn link".


WARNING: The following game contains a screamer with flashing lights.


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