Jarsquatter, also known as 1 Man 1 Jar, is a shock video. It starts by showing a naked man and a glass jar. The man then proceeds to insert it in his anus by sitting on it and forcing it up. The jar then breaks inside his rectum, after which blood pours from his anus. Without flinching or making a sound, he calmly picks pieces of broken glass from his rectum, while a pool of blood gathers on the floor. Throughout this, a rather sombre piano piece plays. After removing all the glass pieces, the music falls silent for a while, to which after he stands up and lets out a scream of pain. A text over the video box says: "If you think you've seen everything...well, just watch this clip."

There is a more widely known version which cuts out the scream at the end (scream which, according to the maker of the video, wasn't from him: it was added by someone else), ending the video abruptly. But the man who made one of his shock videos is Alexey Tatarov.


NOTE: The following shock site contains graphic content.