Kikia is one of the first screamers ever made, and also the first screamer to be widely spread across the Internet and inspired some people to create similar things. Kikia's first appearance on the Internet was on the Taiwanese service Kimo. It was posted from a person with the online username Netspooky.

The song that is played before the screamer is called "First Love" by the japanese singer Utada Hikaru.


The cartoon begins with a boy sitting on a lawn looking at the sky. Two lines of Chinese text appear.

"是否已經很久..... 沒仔細看看天空.....", translating to "Whether it has been a long time..... Have not taken a closer look at the sky....."

The view then changes and shows the boy walking down a city street lined with buildings, with two more lines of text.

"走在街上.......... 尔看到.......", translating to "Walking on the street.......... I saw......."

Then, a screenshot of a enemy from Fatal Frame with white eyes appears along with a loud scream. After the screamer, the yellow text "Kikia" appears.


Kikia Censored00:29

Kikia Censored


NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer.

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