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This page is about a screamer which can contain flashing lights.
Little Jerry and the Closet is the second installment of the Jerry series by hotdiggedydemon, first started in 2007 and ended in 2009 (not counting the "redux" from 2011, but this particular video was made in 2009. The series mainly focus on the protagonist Jerry, who is a poor middle aged man (sometimes still a kid) who has to deal with social problems, working on a shop. His father verbally abused Jerry when growing up, and his mom died after an accident involving a lighting.

Little Jerry and the Closet

The video starts with Little Jerry's father reading him the entire story of The Shining, then tells him not to open a closet near him, which he calls "The Closet of Unimaginable Psychologial Torment". Little Jerry's father tells him that the last person who entered there died and went to hell. As Little Jerry tries to sleep, he constantly hears noises from the closet. Scared, he tip-toes to the closet, and slowly opens the closet, only to reveal that there's nothing, but as soon as the viewer expects nothing, an incredibly fast flurry of screamers pop up over a violent string screech, such as Regan MacNeil, the face from What's Wrong, the cover of American Psycho, Jeff the Killer, faceless Gman, and Salad Fingers. He then quickly shuts the closet, frightened to the point where his hair turned white, then he opens the closet again, and shuts the closet, repeating the same action over and over again. His dad angrily asks what's all the racket. Little Jerry runs to his bed, as his dad notices that his hair is white, assuming he dyed his hair, then scolds him for that, and shuts the door. The screamer flurry could also count as flashing lights, since the screamer is so fast. In the video "Junior" (the 4th installment of Jerry), the closet is referenced.


NOTE: The following animation contains several screamers.

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