Loituma Reverse Playback


Loituma Reverse Playback.

ロイツマ逆再生(Roitsuma gyaku saisei, lit. Loituma Reverse playback) is a screamer video similar with Jingle Bells Reversed. The video starts with a gray background and a button saying "Start" in russian, when the button was clicked, some russian text appears and then Orihime from the Japanese anime/manga Bleach appears spinning a leek, along with the music Ievan Polkka by Hatsune Miku. When the extract of the song ends, the same extract is played again, but now it is reversed, also the girl on the video is now with her hair covering her eyes, without spinning the leek. The "screen" is starting to became distorted and Orihime pops up with red eyes along with an extremely loud scream that also appears in Jessica Alba Nude/Zoeken/Steady Hand. When the screamer ends, she appears normally, and some russian texts appears in a dialog box, saying that hopefully she didn't scared you.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.