FANDOM is a Japanese screamer website, it is also called as "Fancy Island" (ふぁんしーあいらんど). This website starts being cute and normal, but when you click the cat girl image with the site's logo, you will be redirected to the same site, but now it has black background and a picture of a woman staring at the viewer. When you click on the image, a naked gray-skinned woman with long black hair will pop up and crawl towards the camera along with a scream/moan.

This site strangely contains a story, and when you go deeply to it, you will fight the final boss and finally complete the "game". There are a lot of puzzles, mazes and different screamers on the website, mostly are totally unexpected. The game story is basically about heavy themes like paranoia, suicidal thoughts and depression. It can be listed as "Utsu ge" (Utsu ge means "depressing game". The purpose of these types of games is to depress the player) or just as a typical horror game. Even if the site have screamers, it can also be considered as a (horror) puzzle game since every part of the site has a puzzle.

On the famous japanese video-sharing website Nico Nico Douga, Fancy Island/Lomando became a meme and is frequently used as a source in MAD videos(otoMAD/MAD videos are basically the japanese YTPMV), there are lots of fanarts of it on Pixiv too.



NOTE: The following website contains lots of screamers.


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