McDonalds.exe, also known as Mc.exe, is a screamer program that was spread across the Internet in the early 2000's. It was created in September 2000, in China. The program icon is the McDonald's logo on a red background. Even though one would think otherwise, this has nothing to do with the McDonald's fast food franchise.

When the user launches the program, the screen turns black and some green Chinese text appears, which is a horror story. A few seconds later, the text disappears and the screen returns to its original state. Shorty after, a dialog window appears with some Chinese text, an e-mail address ( and a phone number. After a short delay from when the user closes the window, a black and white picture of a girl with no eyes will pop up along with a short scream. The image will continue to be displayed at two-minute intervals, until the process is terminated in Task Manager.


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I'm a gastronome and I love to eat various kinds of delicacies.

I can eat things that others aren't daring to eat at all without hesitation.

One day, a person said to me:

"There is one thing that you haven't been tried, and I dare you to try it."

I answered back with recalcitration: "Tell me now! There is nothing that I'm afraid!"

"Human flesh! Have you tried it?" He said.

I have no words to tell. Of course, neither I have tried human flesh nor I know where I can get it.

In the evening, I'm using my computer and my wife sits beside me.

Then I discovered that her skin was so bright and smooth.

I asked her if she would like to use the computer.

She accepted tenderly.

When I thought there is the chance, I picked up the cable of mouse suddenly----

I watched her struggling, without any mercy.

After around 20 minutes, she stopped struggling finally. I began to----





Finally I reached my wish. But everyday I cannot sleep well and always dreaming about her.

About her spirit beside my bed

with a pale face and a scar on the neck, she reached me with lips closed.

I know I should cremate my self, just like a corpse from deadly diseases,

and pour my bone ash along the street for people to step on. Only then could I atone for a tiny bit of my crime.

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Is that story scary, dude?

It is a part of a horror story.

I'm wronged if you think that person is me. :)

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NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.



NOTE: This program could potentially harm your computer.


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