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Michael Jackson's Ghost

Michael Jackson's Ghost Is a video that was uploaded to YouTube on October 25th, 2009 by a user named rockstull25. The video shows footage taken for the news inside Michael Jackson's house in 2009, after his death.

At the beginning, the following text appears:

"Michael Jackson's "alledged" ghost as seen on Larry King Live has been seen by millions. Our Audio Engineers managed to extract an additional layer of sound from this clip. Listen carefully. This is actual audio from the original clip." 

The cameraman enters a long hall. At the end of the hall, a shadow briefly appears but the cameraman doesn't notice. After that, the video freezes and a Michael Jackson zombie pops up with the same scream used in The Maze, followed by the text:

"Just a small tribute to a man who will never stop thrilling us. We'll miss you MJ."

The song Thriller by Michael Jackson plays at the end of the video.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.