Monalisa Eye Test

Mona Lisa Eye Test is a screamer publicated on YouTube by the user thescaryscreamers. It begins saying "Take a look at this Video. This is a strange picture". The video says that there's a strange picture of Mona Lisa, and the strange thing is if you look closely to her eyes, you will see something strange, which it says that the strange thing is a "fire-like" object in her eyes. Now, a another message saying "This is true and no lie. Everything is real..." appears, and when it disappear, it will now show the rules for find the mystery in the painting. The rules are:

  • Set up your volume to 100%.
  • Keep your eyes in her eyes.
  • Click the play button.

Then, the Mona Lisa painting appears with a black text saying "Keep your eyes balance on her eyes". However at 1 minute, a picture of Katie Embry from The Ring pops up along with a looped scream.


This is my 2nd one!

Yeah, it's not really scary, but if you have speakers, turn it up very high, it's going to be scary.

Pictures Used:

Monalisa Head Snapshot Katie Embry (from The Ring)

Enjoy, and prank your friends too (don't prank older ones even babies!)


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.


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