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The text that appears before showing the shocking images. is a shock site. When you go to the site, a black background appears along with some green text and a robotic female voice (probably Microsoft Mary) explaining the meaning of the term Monkey sugar.

She starts saying that monkey sugar is "Anything that makes one physically satisfied. By extension, anything good or desirable." and when she finishes speaking this, another text appears saying (along with the female voice) The following are example of things which are most certainly NOT monkey sugar..." and in a delay of 4 seconds, a shocking image of a damaged head appears and then lots of disgusting or shocking pictures showing dead fetuses, corpses, mutilated vaginas and penises, and more will appear accompanied of an African music. Near to the end the images will repeat very fastly while the animation will slowly fade away to a black screen saying Monkey sugar - Don't leave home without that.

It is not known exactly if this site aims to be a shock site, because it can even insinuate black comedy, considering the way how the images are showed, and the music too.


NOTE: The following shock site contains extremely graphic content.