This page is about a website which no longer exists.

Murder Investigation is a screamer flash game. It's a mystery game where you have to find clues to see how a family of three was killed. Once you get all the clues you have to find the killer: if you don't find the killer in time he will find you and kill you, when he finds you a whole bunch of pictures will pop up. No scream, but a screech will sound. These pictures are of a puppet's face, a negative picture of the puppet's face, an eye, and a stretched out mouth screaming. These also happen to be the images that appear if you beat the game. Clicking "Leave" at the beginning loads the site main page.

The "walk through" also features a blurry picture of a corpse's face that pops up with a loud screech randomly and briefly and says to turn up the volume for special audio clues.


WARNING: This following site contains a screamer:

  • (walkthrough)

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