NNN Extra Broadcast(NNN臨時放送, NNN Rinji Hōsō) is a Japanese screamer and also a japanese urban legend. The video was uploaded by the user DarkYKnighT on Youtube, and it has 1 million views. There are several versions of this video on Youtube too.

The video begins with the classic "no signal" screen and next, an image of a junkyard appears suddenly, along with a text saying "NNN臨時放送"(it means "NNN Extra Broadcast"). Then, a list showing the name and the age of some persons appears in the screen. When the list ends, an image of a child appears after 2 minutes, but without any scream. The credits begin to appear and when it ends, a message saying: "These will be the tomorrow victims"(明日の犠牲者はこの方です) appears.

A picture of Jeff the Killer also shows in 4 minutes, together with the image of the child appearing again. There is no scream at all.

The Urban legend

NNN Extra Broadcast is also a japanese urban legend. It says that "a mysterious video flows after the end of each late-night transmission". In the end of some nocturnal transmissions, suddenly a list with the name of some persons begins to roll like a staffroll, together with a dark atmosphere and a classic creepy music, and finally the message "These will be the tomorrow victims. Good night."(明日の犠牲者はこの方々です、おやすみなさい) is shown in the screen.

There are three versions of this urban legend: the first is that when you are watching TV at night, a mysterious video suddenly appears and shows the name of some persons, and you can't switch the channel. The second is that your name appears at the end of the list, and you may die tomorrow because of that. The third version says that you can hear a monotone voice repeating the name of each person that are in the list, and then, an image of an eye suddenly appears watching you, it will still for 5 minutes.

The legend was inspired in the "commercials" of the NNN news network, which when a very important event occurs in Japan, all stations of the NNN network have their broadcast paralyzed to announce the incident, and at the end of the "commercial" they leave a list of people who have lost their lives in the incident.

In the urban legend "NNN Extra Broadcast", things are different. The broadcast of any television network(not just NNN) is interrupted to show a list of people who are going to die tomorrow, strangely this list proclaims itself to be something of NNN, probably has the intent to parody the fact that NNN makes a list to advertise the deaths of a certain incident.

The urban legend become pretty famous on 2ch, and people started to spread rumors and more versions about it. It was also referenced in the light novel/manga Shuuen no Shiori(and the legend was also referenced in some of its music videos, like this one).


  • First version:

It was about 15 years, when I was watching TV around 2:30 in the evening and I saw the SMPTE color bars displaying.

"Oh, maybe it's because they don't broadcast at this hour. I will sleep then." I thought.

As I thought that, the screen switched suddenly and a picture of a junkyard was displayed. A telop saying "NNN Extra Broadcast" appeared blinking and it continued to display the junkyard in a distant view too.

I thought, "What is this?"

When I was watching the broadcast, some people's names appeared and were scrolled like a staff roll as the narrator read it with a very monotonous voice.

A dark classic music was played and it lasted for about 5 minutes or so. At the end, "These will be the tomorrow victims. Good night."

Since then, I got scared of every midnight broadcast. Nobody believes this story around though...










NOTE: The first link contains a screamer.

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