Nuclear Bomb Test in the Pacific Ocean is a screamer video,created by homelanddefens in 2009.                                The video begins with a Nuclear Bomb being denonated in a ocean.A ship is seen in the video,floating in the sea.The nuclear bomb then detonates,making a giant explosion,and a massive wave comming out of the water,right next to the ship.After some seconds,another Bomb is detonated,creating again a massive wave coming out.

The same thing repeats multipe times until 0:23,when it cuts to a night vision footage of a scary-looking woman popping out close to the screen,screaming.The woman then makes a creepy smile and lays down on the floor.

The video then cuts to a picture of a hole,and a text displayed over it saying:"ObamaCare,"Its" shovel ready".It then shows a picture of Obama and a Soviet army behind him,and a text at the bottom saying:"United Socialist states of America" the video then ends.


NOTE: The following video contains a  screamer.


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