The Limecat meme at the start of the Offended page.


Offended is a shock webpage located on the website Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a parody of Wikipedia, containing much more offensive/vulgar content. For especially offensive content, there is a box saying "Offended by (said article)? Click here and scroll slowly to the bottom of the page." which links to this page, the purpose being to offend/gross that person out as much as possible.


The article starts with a montage of five images of the Limecat meme, a baby rabbit, a chick, and finally, a deer and a rabbit. After the last image, it starts showing a very long montage of gruesome images involving pornography, dead people, gore, mutilation, diseases, unborn babies, cannibalism, trypophobia and so on.

At the end of the page, a certificate is shown, saying "You are now eligible to live and work in the United States of America". In 2009, at the end of the page it showed "AIN'T THAT SOMETHING???!" in rainbow text colors. Earlier in 2010, there was a picture of Shocked Patrick meme from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and rainbow text reading "LULZ". At the bottom of the page, there is also a link to an external website, which will lead to a mirror of the Last Measure shock site.


NOTE: The following shock site contains extremely graphic images.


NOTE: The following website could potentially harm your computer.



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