"Poochee and Pansy" is an ARG-related web series focusing on two puppies trying to save a cat from an evil witch. The premiere episode, uploaded to YouTube in 2009, is only the kicker to what the series' true nature is.


The Episode

After the episode title, a narrator introduces our titular puppy characters, and mentions that one day, Poochee has something urgent to tell Pansy. He tells her of a strange dream he had about the cat getting imprisoned by the witch. Pansy reveals she had the same dream, so Poochee concludes that, because of that, the dream must be true. They venture to Sufferdark, where they meet up with a cave. A firefly, named Freddie, appears and attempts to guide them through the cave, only to be interrupted by a screamer, which is a piercing loud scream over an image of a skeleton with an eye still intact.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.