This page is about a screamer of which the original copy was deleted.

Fire Safety with Ready Freddie the Fire Teddy

Ready Freddie
Fire Safety with Ready Freddie the Fire Teddy was a Flash screamer animation by Liquid Generation, unlike other Liquid Generation sabotages, this one doesn't intend to scare the viewer, but rather, it disguises itself as kid friendly animation in order to trick families into playing the game due to its innocent looking title.

The animation starts up with Freddie in the kitchen, saying he's going to teach us how to prevent fires, he then walks over to a boiling pot, and asks you to turn it off. Then he moves onto an open drawer, with some matches and a lighter inside, and asks you to close the drawer, finally, he walks over to an electrical socket with 5 plugs emiting sparks, and asks you to unplug them all; however, when you unplug the one with a smiley bulb on it, Freddie gets electrocuted, violently screams, and the screen flashes, then it cuts back to a now charred Freddie, who enraged, goes on a massive Christian Bale-like swearing rampage. After this the video cuts to a black and white image of Ready Freddie which reads "We are experiencing technical difficulties", then cuts to a static screen, followed by text appears saying "You have been sabotaged" and the word "SABOTAGE" pops up. Then a ninja falls and says "click here for more sabotages" before a link to crushes him.



NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.

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