This page is about a screamer which can contain flashing lights.

Saddam Hussein Execution

This is a screamer video from 2006, it was uploaded by the user VenerableDread on Youtube.

It starts with text telling you "Actual Footage of the Bastard Getting Hung! Watch It!", then it shows a flurry of disturbing pictures very fast like a red-colored image of Pennywise, a skull, the face from What's Wrong, Regan MacNeil, a seemingly looking monster, then the same picture in negative, another monster, another skull, a scary looking body, a picture from the short film Rubber Johnny, Jigsaw, a man screaming with mouths as his eyes, a man screaming in negative, yet another skull, another man screaming in negative, a distorted man screaming, eyeballs on someone's hands, and a photo of a spider zooming and flashing in negative while a long shriek plays, then it shows a footage of a ConSec scanner's head exploding into bits and pieces, which is taken from Scanners. There is alot of scary images in this video.


WARNING: The following website contains a screamer with flashing lights.

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