Scaring My Little Bro

A low quality image of the boy watching the K-Fee car ad.

Scaring My Little Bro

Scaring My Little Bro is a screamer video uploaded by MrChuckles7700 on January 11, 2008. The video starts off with the text, "Scaring my little bro with a screamer." More text then pops up reading "Also, sorry about the volume at the end... My comp kinda messes slow motion up..." More text comes up saying "My Comp Messes Slow Motion Sound Up ?????" The video then shows his little brother reacting to the K-Fee Car Commercial. Afterwards, text comes up saying "Now Again in Slow Motion =D" The video then plays again in slow motion, but at 1:03, the face from What's Wrong? is shown with a loud scream. The video then shows "=D" before ending.

The description states "I found that old Car Drive screamer and decided to try it on my little brother. I've neve seen anyone duck faster. Also: Sorry about the audio towards the end. My comp has issues with slow motion sound..." to deliberately trick the viewer into thinking it's just a screamer reaction.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.


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