Kinda sounds like "Slay Ian", doesn't it?

Scary VeggieTales Theme Song Reversed is a screamer made by YouTube user MST3KFTW ButtUglyMartiansFTL. It begins with the VeggieTales song in reverse but in poor quality. It contains multiple subliminal messages, such as:

The word VeggieTales is read as "Slay Ian!"

Junior seems to say, "Mean he sneezed, sea turtle, SLEEP OH MAN!!!",

Bob seems to say: "Evil West, Evil Car, Evil Arks"

Just after the French Peas clip and just before Bob and Larry's introduction (where Bob says: Boy your full of sh*t I know that!), the screamer from Ghost in The London Dungeon appears.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.


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