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Welcome to the Screamer Wiki, user. This is the number one place to find information about screamers. We are the biggest and most active community of screamer-lovers on the globe. Here, you will have access to the Screamer Library, one of the biggest collection of screamers and shock sites that you can find. You will find information about every screamer ever made, like the famous Maze Game, the K-fee commercials, and a whole lot more. Our library contains 570 articles and that number keeps increasing everyday.


If you need help getting started, don't worry. There are plenty of help articles and guides available on the Help Portal, right at the tip of your fingers. You are more than welcome to contribute to this wiki, as long as you follow the rules. If you want, you can also refer to the Quick Links section below to know where to start.

Now that you're ready, let's start contributing! To write anything, you must make a new page. To do this you must press the Contribute.png button in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Add a Page. Give the page the same name as the screamer, for example You are now ready to write your page!

You can help Screamer Wiki too by saving already contributed screamers to the Web Archive ( If a screamer gets deleted, banned or removed then there is a chance that we can retrieve it.


  • Wiki Rules • Read the rules before editing.
  • Article Stubs • If you are a new user, start by editing article stubs.
  • Screamer Library • See a list of all screamers on the wiki.
  • Community Portal • All polls, news, and special events.
  • Help Portal • We're always here to help you.
  • Languages • The Screamer Wiki is available in multiple languages.
  • Help Guides • These handy guides show you how to use the wiki more efficiently.


This is the poll for January 2016, made on January 2nd at 9:00 PM, EST. The sole purpose of this poll is to know the diversity of our wiki.

Where are you from?

The poll was created at 01:55 on January 3, 2016, and so far 525 people voted.

To see all polls created on the Screamer Wiki, click here.


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