REMEMBER: Always follow the rules. If you violate any of these rules, you will get a warning. If you repeat two more times, you will be banned from the wiki. If you vandalize the wiki, you will be banned without any warning.

Creating and editing pages

  1. Avoid using scary images, videos, or clickable links that lead directly to the screamer website. You are allowed to use non-clickable links, or links that can't be clicked on. For example,
  2. Use either the forum, the chat, or your user blog to communicate with other users. Do not create pages that are out of subject, or you will get a warning.
  3. Use correct grammar and spelling, write in English. If this rule is violated, your account won't get banned. For other wiki languages, visit the Languages page.
  4. The page name must always be the name of the screamer, without www. or http:// . For example,, and not
  5. Do not delete, blank or replace the content of a page. 

Forums, live chat and user blogs

  • Be respectful to others, no insults or discrimination will be tolerated.
  • Do not post spam or clickable links to screamers to trick other users.
  • You can talk about anything you want.

Comments section

  • Be respectful to others, no insults or discrimination will be tolerated.
  • Do not post spam or clickable links to screamers to trick other users.
  • Comments have to be related to the page you are commenting on.

Good practices

  • Delete any scary images, videos or clickable links that go directly to the website and replace them with un-clickable links.
  • If you see someone violating any of the rules, tell them by using this template and fix the page.
  • If you see someone vandalizing the wiki, fix the page and contact an administrator.
  • If you see any grammatical or spelling mistakes, correct them.
  • If you see any false information, correct it.
  • If there are missing categories, add them.

Templates and examples

  • Here is an example of good page; it contains images, pertinent info, links, a gallery, and is well structured.
  • If you see someone breaking the rules, tell them in the comments. You can use this template.

[Username inserted here], please read the Rules before editing. You have violated rule number [Insert rule number here]:

["Rule inserted here"]

[Say what is going to be removed]. This is your [Insert amount of warnings here] warning.

Thanks for contributing though! —[Your username inserted here]

Template made by Kianlolcat99.

Help Guides

Are you a new user? If this is the case, the Help Guides are here for you. These handy guides show you how to use the wiki more efficiently, from how to edit pages, to adding colors and changing fonts, to becoming a moderator or an admin.

Thank you for following the rules!

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