Bait and switch

The bait-and-switch technique consists of misleading a person into clicking a link by telling them erroneous information.

Shock site

A shock site is a form of screamer that uses disturbing imagery, commonly pornography, gore, and graphic content, to shock the viewers. Just like traditional screamers, shock sites have a goal to shock the viewers with unexpected content. Some good example of shock sites are 2 Girls 1 Cup, Jarsquatter, and Goatse. These websites have gained a high level of popularity and are often used as a way to prank people.


Shock sites slowly started to spread around the web in the late 90's. The first shock site to be widely spread across the web was 2 Girls 1 Cup. This one-minute clip of two women performing a scat play made a huge success. Since then, more shock sites made surface on the Internet.


Reaction 2

A group of soldiers reacting to 2 Girls 1 Cup.


Common shock sites

As shock sites made surface on the web, more reaction videos were being posted and eventually became a trend on the Internet. The concept of a reaction video is to get someone to visit a shock site while recording their reaction. A good example of this is the Marines 2 Girls 1 Cup Reactions video, which has accumulated almost 10 million views since it was posted to YouTube in April, 2008.


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