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Sonic.exe is a screamer game. The game opens with the opening screen from the original Sonic the Hedgehog but after a short time, the screen temporarily becomes a "evil version" of the original. The player then comes to another screen where they have to press Enter.

Act One

The player now plays as Tails the Fox. The player walks through a happy world until coming across a trail of doom and destruction. If the player continues to follow the path, they will reach Sonic who wants to play a game with the player. a game of life or death. The player can try to run away, but it will not work.

Act Two

The player now plays as Knuckles the Echidna. The player ends up in a strange world without trees, grass or animals. After a while, the player's screen begins to flicker with blood everywhere. After a while, the player will reach Sonic, who will lock the player into some sort of invisible cage.

Act ?

The player now plays as is Dr. Eggman. The player is in a castle-like building which gets darker with every floor until the player fades away in the darkness. The game ends with a picture of Sonic with "I am God" written below. Then, a screen with flames on it appears with the song Crytopia.