Sports Fitness Test

Sports Fitness Test is a Flash screamer game made by Liquid Generation. It pretends to be a test by the American Association of Sports Medicine designed to rate the user's “sports brain” (described as the portion of the brain dedicated to various sports-related motor skills), and supposedly compare it to the scores of top athletes around the world once the test is done. The actual test consists of three simple sports themed minigames, with the third one being the set-up for the screamer. Its premise is thus very similar to the Hand-Eye Coordination Test prank found on the same website, which also features three minigames for a similar purpose. In fact, the first and third of these minigames are almost identical in both pranks and only differ in their theme.

In the first game, the player is challenged to catch a baseball which moves in an erratic pattern across the screen in as little time as possible. The second game gives the player 15 seconds to press the left and right arrow keys as often as they can, in order to make an American football player run faster on-screen. In the third and final minigame, the player is supposed to follow a soccer ball moving along a wavy line around a soccer field with their mouse cursor, while the game keeps track of their accuracy. However, just before the ball is about to cross the halfway line for a second time, a shaking picture of Mike Tyson eating pasta with his mouth wide open pops up with a scream, and then softly says "Hi guys!" in a high-pitched voice. The screamer was taken down along with the entire Liquid Generation website.


There is a minor glitch in the baseball minigame. If the player clicks on the baseball symbol instead of the “Ready?” text to start the game, the mitt will stay at the bottom of the screen with a ball already in it, instead of following the mouse cursor like it is supposed to. The game will still work like normal, though.

It is also possible to cheat in the football minigame by simply holding down both arrow keys to reach an impossibly high score.



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer.

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