Stoping Screamers

Stoping Screamers is a screamer publicated in January 2007 by subzero360. The video begins with a newspaper which its headline is saying "Screamers should be banned! Find out the dangers of pranks".

Then the video becomes black and a white text appears saying "For all of you people who are sick of screamers. This video is for you". Now it says if you are tired of getting tricked by screamers, you need to send warnings, which will make you rid of them.

When the text "Heres another way to stop them" fades out, a negative picture of Regan MacNeil pops up with a loud woman scream. Then a message appears saying "NOW HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SO AWAKE BEFORE SON!" and the video credits begin. However when the text saying "screamers will keep on livin no matter what!" disappear from the credits, the picture of Regan pops up again. After the woman scream ends, it will show a text saying "THOUGHT IT WAS OVER DID YA!" and the video ends.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.