This page is about a screamer which can contain flashing lights.
This page is about a screamer which does not exist anymore, or its original copy was deleted., formerly known as is a webpage that is made by GenerationStar (known in this wiki as CrysRocksXY), and is hosted on the free web-hosting website On a front page is a GIF animated clip from the 1983 anime series, Perman (based on a manga of the same name by Fujiko F. Fujiko), which randomly changes often upon refresh. Clicking on the clip will take the user to the flashing picture of Jeff the Killer with a scream.

Prior to the February 25, 2017 update, the screamer is originally a page called "ohwowomg.html" and is unlockable by typing "pokemonsunmoon" on a first page, but when the code is removed from the first page on February 25, 2017, it can be no longer in use, although it could be found on a sites directory after the update.

When as a "ohwowomg.html", it uses JavaScript 1.2 code to make the window move around at the screen in small steps extremely fast which makes the startle effect bigger. When the user tries to exit the page it will show a blank message box with a question mark that cant be closed. However the scripts will only work on Internet Explorer (you may need to click "Show all content" for the screamer to load correctly). Even after the February 25, 2017 update, it still works on the ohwowomg page.

Due to reaching a limit on the original account, it was moved to a different account and was renamed "". It was currently suspended in July 2017 due to the account abuse.


WARNING: The following website contains a screamer with flashing lights.


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