The Duck Song (Scary) was made in 2013 and is an edited video of the original Duck Song by forrestfire101.

It starts off with the original video, but at a much worse quality (At around 144p), which is a duck being annoying and telling the man running a lemonade stand if he has grapes every single day, then the man buys some grapes for him, but the duck refuses, seems innocent enough, but in the near end of the song, the duck says "You know what sounds good? It would make my day! Do you think this store... Do you think this store... Do you think this store... has any lem-" and before he could finish saying lemonade, Regan Macneil pops up with a loud scream that plays 3 times, then the video ends. 
Duck Song

Screenshot from the video


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.


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