Scary Forest

The Forest

The Forest is a screamer about a forest which supposedly has a ghost in it and you need to find it. At the end of the video, the ghost screams in our face but it's the same ghost from kikia with the scream from The Scary Maze Game which I thought would give my viewers a bigger fright if I made it louder. It's unique because it's like the SCP 450 Screamer because it's a minute long (except The Forest is longer because it's 1:42 and SCP 450 is 1:04) but y'know. Also, speaking of SCPs, the ambience of this screamer is the same ambience from SCP 087-B except it's volume is decreased to make you turn up the volume.

The video doesn't have much views at the moment because I just uploaded it but maybe in a couple of months it will be popular. Yes, I made The Forest and I am proud to say it.


WARNING: The following video is a really long screamer


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