This page is about a screamer which does not exist anymore, or its original copy was deleted.
The Hand Eye Coordination Test 2

The Hand Eye Coordination Test.

The Hand Eye Coordination Test

The Hand Eye Coordination Test is a Flash screamer game made by Liquid Generation. In the game the player first has to click-kill a fly that's moving quickly. If you have done it, you can now click "Next". Now the player will see a bunch of black buttons , the player has to click them when they turn red. After the player has done it , the player can click "Next" to move to the final challenge: Following a red dot with the player's cursor while the dot is moving in an "S" shaped slide. After a time, an animation of an eye oozing blood appears along with a loud scream and a voice screaming "MY EYE! OUCH! OUCH! OW!". Then a text appears, saying that "You have been sabotaged!!!" then a ninja says to click here for more sabotages, and a link to Liquid Generation crushes him.



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer.

  • • YouTube video preview

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